Cabañas Ocampo commercial project in San Juan del Sur

This boutique hotel project was developed in Playa Marsella, just 15 minutes drive from San Juan del Sur, in 2017, with a construction time of only 4 months. The structure has 1 level and 3 cabins with beautiful views and open space.

Internal Area (1,117 sqft)

The area includes three kitchens, three full bathrooms, three bedrooms with a shared living room, and three mezzanines with their stairs.

External Area (388 sqft)

The area includes an open terrace area.

About this commercial project

Construction system

At our construction company, we fuse technology, quality materials, and innovative design to create remarkable living spaces. In our project, Cabañas Ocampo, illustrates this commitment perfectly.

The construction process began with extensive earth-moving operations using heavy machinery, ensuring a solid base for the cabins. The foundations were built with reinforced steel and concrete, in strict adherence to the ACI318 standards.

For the walls, we used an external plyrock system and internal gypsum panels (El Halcon), offering both durability and insulation. The electrical system, designed and installed in partnership with Sinter, ensures a reliable power supply throughout each cabin.

We incorporated an automated water storage and pumping system for a consistent water supply. A Fafa wastewater treatment system, coupled with an infiltration well, handles waste responsibly and sustainably.

The cabins are equipped with a stationary gas system with high-pressure pipes for efficient energy use. A state-of-the-art voice and data system facilitates seamless communication. For comfort and relaxation, we included an automatic suction and pumping system for the pool, and installed LG air conditioning systems.

Finishes in this commercial project

The interiors of the Ocampo Cabins showcase real cedar wood furniture with a natural finish, and absolute white quartz countertops for a touch of luxury. The floors feature concrete and wood-style porcelain tiles (Sinsa) for a modern yet warm look.

Exterior doors are made from PVC with a wood color finish and safety glass. Interior doors and windows follow the same style but are crafted from natural-finish cedar. We sourced high-quality electrical accessories, bathroom fixtures, and kitchen fittings from Sinsa.

To complete the cabins, we used high-quality Sur paint, adding the final touches to these exceptional living spaces. The Ocampo Cabins are more than just accommodation—they’re a showcase of superior craftsmanship, sustainable design, and modern luxury.

Completed Project Gallery

Building the Dream: Construction process

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Hunter Land
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Elise Fleury
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Muy atentos y eficaz. Los recomiendo a los 100%
Thomas Cormier
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Oscar and his team got to work extremely quickly on my wall and finished it in a timely manner. Great work!

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