Yemaya Reef Hotel Remodeling Project, in Little Corn Island

This luxury hotel project was developed in Little Corn Island, in 2020, full remodeling with a construction time of only 12 months.

Yemaya Reef Hotel, located on the virtually untouched Little Corn Island, 43 miles off the east coast of Nicaragua, is a showcase of luxury amidst natural Caribbean beauty. This resort, the only high-end resort on the island, offers breathtaking ocean views and an authentic Caribbean vibe that seduces guests.

The space is extremely well designed, with 16 beautifully decorated cabanas offering direct access to the beach. Each room is very comfortable and equipped with all the amenities necessary for a pleasant stay.

In addition to its intimate and cozy atmosphere, Yemaya Reef is known for its exceptional customer service. The staff is extremely friendly and attentive, ensuring that each room is always clean and well stocked.

The food is another highlight of this hotel. Guests praise the gastronomic offerings, which are excellent and varied, especially highlighting the fresh seafood.

In short, Yemaya Reef Hotel is a luxury yoga retreat that offers a great Caribbean island getaway, with its own organic garden and an enviable location right on the beach.

Internal Area (13,041 sqft)

The area includes a restaurant area, a kitchen area, an internal area for the cabins, a laundry area and a machine area.

External Area (13,041 sqft)

The area includes the yoga area, the spa area, pool area, terraces, and decks.

About this custom luxury remodeling commercial project

Construction system

As a leading construction company in the industry, we are proud to announce that we have carried out a custom commercial remodeling for the Yemaya Reef Hotel. 

This project has involved the implementation of several cutting-edge, high-quality construction systems.

We’ve installed a complete new electrical system, ensuring efficient and reliable power supply throughout the hotel. Additionally, an innovative pumping and impulsion system for the pools has been implemented, guaranteeing optimal and safe operation.

To protect the property against water damage, we’ve installed new rainwater and gray water drainage systems from Wavin, a brand recognized for its excellence in water management solutions. A new gas system has also been installed, providing an efficient and safe energy supply for all the hotel’s needs.

In addition, we have carried out repairs of the existing corridors and the construction of new ones, improving accessibility and circulation within the hotel. A new drinking water impulsion pump was installed and maintenance was performed on the cold rooms, ensuring their optimal operation.

Finishes in this project

In terms of finishes, we have made a series of aesthetic and functional improvements. We’ve completely changed the lighting, renovated the floors with seals and waterproofing, and restored all the doors, windows, and existing furniture in the hotel.

Additionally, we’ve installed new wooden decks on all the outdoor terraces, providing attractive and durable outdoor spaces. The bathrooms have received new finishes and fixtures, and each room now has a new system and heaters.

The pools have been revitalized with Diamond Brite finishes, known for their durability and beauty. The entire hotel has been painted, and a deep cleaning of all the sanitary fixtures has been performed. Lastly, all finishes in the restaurant have been restored, creating an attractive and cozy environment for guests.

We are proud of our contributions to the Yemaya Reef Hotel and are confident that these improvements will enhance the experience of all its guests.

Completed Project Gallery

Building the Dream: Construction process

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Hunter Land
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Muy atentos y eficaz. Los recomiendo a los 100%
Thomas Cormier
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Oscar and his team got to work extremely quickly on my wall and finished it in a timely manner. Great work!

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