Design and construction of infinity pool and terrace of Hotel Buddha Roc

This beautiful pool and terrace with panoramic ocean views was developed in San Juan del Sur, in 2018, with a complete construction time of only three months.

Tucked away in the serene beauty of Playa Marsella, Nicaragua, lies the enchanting Beach Resort Buda Roc. This unique retreat offers guests an unforgettable blend of sun, surf, and tranquility.

Hotel Buda Roc is more than just a place to stay; it’s an experience steeped in the laid-back charm of beachside living. This hotel effortlessly combines the natural beauty of its location with the comfort of modern amenities, ensuring a stay that is as relaxing as it is memorable.

External Area (569 sqft)

The area includes an infinity pool overlooking the ocean and an open terrace covered with natural stone.

About this custom pool project

Construction system and finishes

Our construction systems, chosen for their unmatched quality and durability, blend luxury with robustness. The construction journey begins with meticulous earth movement and soil enhancement, achieved by precise manual equipment. This minimizes environmental impact while ensuring a solid base. Foundations are built from steel and reinforced concrete in adherence with ACI318 standards, promising enduring strength and resilience.

Our retaining wall system employs lying quarry stone, known for its aesthetic appeal and durability. The monolithic concrete system we use offers seamless integration of the pool into the surrounding landscape.

In collaboration with Multigroup, we ensure our structures have top-tier steel reinforcement. The structural concrete, sourced from Proinco, guarantees a sturdy and lasting base for both the pool and terrace. Our formwork, made of wood and plywood, strikes a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

For efficient water flow and drainage, we incorporate Wavin’s high-pressure PVC pipe system. Our pumping and propulsion system ensures optimal water circulation, keeping the pool water pristine and inviting.

The pool’s infinity edge, finished with natural black stone, creates a stunning visual effect, while a family of turtles designed at the bottom adds a unique touch to the pool. The pool finishes include Diamond Brite (Diamond Brite), offering a sparkling, luxurious touch to the outdoor space.

Safety and functionality are paramount, which is why we’ve incorporated a dedicated electrical system for the pool area, provided by Edison. The harmonious blend of innovative construction techniques and high-quality materials results in a world-class terrace and pool, promising a unique experience at Hotel Buddha Roc.

Completed Project Gallery

Building the Dream: Construction process

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Hunter Land
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Elise Fleury
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Muy atentos y eficaz. Los recomiendo a los 100%
Thomas Cormier
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Oscar and his team got to work extremely quickly on my wall and finished it in a timely manner. Great work!

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