Hotel de Lujo, commercial construction project in Playa El Yankee (in progress)

Our company is in the midst of constructing an architectural marvel that will redefine opulence and comfort. Set against the backdrop of pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and azure Pacific waters, this upcoming hotel promises to be the jewel in the crown of Nicaragua’s hospitality industry. 

This beautiful and luxury hotel project is located in Playa El Yankee In San Juan del Sur, just 25 minutes drive from San Juan del Sur, the building process starts in 2022 and will be  finished in 2023, with a construction time of only eight months. The structure has 2 levels and a rooftop terrace.

Internal Area (7,493 sqft)

The area includes seven luxurious VIP rooms, seven VIP bathrooms, four full bathrooms, a panel room, four machine rooms, a yoga area, and seven walking closets.

External Area (11,178 sqft)

The area includes a covered yoga terrace area, seven covered terrace areas, a wooden deck area, seven 9 m2 (93.15 sqft) swimming pools, a water storage tank system with automatic pumping, and a wastewater treatment system with aeration and infiltration system.

About this commercial project

Construction system

Welcome to a world where innovation meets luxury. Our construction of the exclusive hotel in Playa el Yankee, Nicaragua, is a testament to our dedication to quality and advanced building techniques.

We’ve commenced the project with an extensive earth moving process, utilizing heavy machinery to ensure a solid and secure foundation. The foundations are then laid with steel and reinforced concrete, adhering to the rigorous standards of ACI318.

Our monolithic retaining wall system, sourced from Proinco, provides superior structural integrity and durability. The confined masonry walls further strengthen the structure and are built in compliance with Agrenic.

The floors and mezzanines are constructed with reinforced concrete, providing a robust and durable base for the luxury finishes. Our electrical systems, designed by Sinter, ensure reliable and efficient power throughout the building.

The hotel features a sophisticated water storage system with automatic pumping, a state-of-the-art residual wastewater treatment system with aeration and infiltration, and a stationary gas system with high-pressure pipes. The voice and data systems are cutting-edge, and the emergency power plant runs on gas ensuring uninterrupted service. The swimming pool features an automatic suction and pumping system, and the air conditioning system is exclusively LG (LG Air Conditioners).

Finishes in this project

Step inside the luxury hotel in Playa el Yankee, and you’ll be enveloped in an ambiance of unparalleled sophistication. The interiors boast natural teak wood furniture, perfectly complemented by absolute white quartz countertops. Polished concrete floors styled like granite add a touch of elegance and durability.

The unique design of decorative colonial floor tiles enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space. The exterior doors combine the strength of PVC in a stylish black color with safety glass, while the interior doors are crafted from natural finish teak wood. Black PVC windows add a luxury and modern touch.

Electrical and bathroom fixtures are imported from the USA, ensuring top-notch quality and style. High-quality paint from Sur adorns the walls, and the natural finish teak wood floor deck adds warmth and sophistication.

The unique bamboo ceiling design, paired with natural palm, gives a nod to the local environment. The pool finishes are done in Diamond Brite, adding a shimmering touch to the luxurious outdoor space.

Experience the fusion of premium materials, innovative construction systems, and luxurious finishes at this commercial project in Playa el Yankee.

Building the Dream: Construction process

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Muy atentos y eficaz. Los recomiendo a los 100%
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Oscar and his team got to work extremely quickly on my wall and finished it in a timely manner. Great work!

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